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Special Event or AthleticTournament Medical Coverage.
Special Event Medical Coverage or Athletic Tournament Medical Coverage are two special areas where your piece of mind can be at ease. If your organization is holding a Special Event and someone would become seriously ill or injured, would you know what to do? Yes, we all call "911" and wait. With our staff present medical care can be provided instantly. In the situation of a large scale Athletic Tournament many aspects of planning come into question. If someone becomes seriously ill or injured, what do we do. If you have our Medical Staff on site, you can be assured that the correct medical care is started. If after evaluation of our medical staff we feel your injury or illness requires more definitive care at a hospital, the local "911" may be called to transport. If the injury or illness is not serious and responsible adults are available we can assist the patient into a car for transport to a hospital. 

As you can see by the photos below, we have 2 unique vehicles that can be used. A stationary first aid site and a mobile medical response vehicle for large scale events. As always there is no cost to the patient for the care we provide. The costs are covered by the fees paid by the Event Coordinator. The total cost can be based on a per hour charge or total event cost depending on the length of time the Medical Staff is required on scene. 


We pride ourselves in providing quality training that will be educational and fun. Hands on to us is the most Important part of learning. Every Individual has a unique way of learning and remembering. By the end of our class you will feel comfortable helping someone in their time of need.
Currently we are providing the following types of classes:


Classes coming soon will be:

BLAST - Babysitter lessons and Safety Training

ADVANCED FIRST AID, CPR, AED - A more detailed first aid course, more skills and knowledge of what to do and when to do it.

BLOODBORNE and AIRBORNE PATHOGENS - A safety course on how to not become infected or exposed to any virus or bacteria in the home or workplace.

HEALTHCARE PROVIDER CPR- This course incorporates the regular CPR course for the lay person but adds required elements for professional medical staff members.

OXYGEN ADMINISTRATION -  This class is for the lay person who may be caring for a loved one at home on oxygen, or the new medical staff member just starting their career.

PEDFACTS - This course is a First Aid Course specifically designed for Teachers and Caregivers that might work in the Daycare setting. 

PET FIRST AID and DISASTER RESPONSE - This course is designed to help us take care of our other family members who can't tell you what hurts. Our furry friends are people too and in the time of injury, illness or disaster. We feel comfortable taking care of them.  

Specific costs and the amount of time needed for the current classes taught and the ones soon to be added can be explained with a simple request for information. 

Costs for Medical Coverage at any special event will be explained in detail at the time of inquiry.